Mohammad Muqeem

Founder & CEO

An Unstoppable Founder & CEO; I won’t just give you the game. Think! You can be me but I won’t give it to

Non-stop pondering about how to create super huge value for each stakeholder with-having meaningful risk,
managed strategies and thinking bigger and smarter.

Working hard, sacrificing, knowing and grinding myself to be a better CEO everyday and to be able to
stand firm in the battle of global business.

Willing to pay any price to create that momentum where the world will see it as a magic!

Contributing the neighborhood, the nation and the economies of multiple countries in employment
generation as well as creating trade opportunities across the borders.


Interested in joining the team?

SOVRAN GROUP LLC operates in India, Thailand, UK and USA and striving to become a standard multi-national as well as multi-cultural company. Our focus on brands building with having seven brands portfolio so far and we’ll be adding more brands in unexplored categories.

With our approach as Learn, Improve & Grow, we hope you consider joining our team!

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